1. Business Communication for ICAP AFC
  2. Business Management and Behavioral Studies ICAP CAF
  3. Business Management and Strategy for ICAP Final
  4. Business Management for ICAP Final
  5. Information Technology Management, Audit, and Control for ICAP Final
  6. Information Systems and Information Technology Audit ICMAP Stage 6
  7. Management Accounting – Business Strategy ICMAP Stage 6
  8. Strategic Management ICMAP Stage 6
  9. Integrated Management for ICMAP Stage 4
  10. Management Information Systems ICMAP Stage 3
  11. Enterprise Management for ICMAP Stage 3
  12. Presentation and Communication Skills for ICMAP Stage 3
  13. Introduction to Information Technology for ICMAP Stage 2
  14. Business Communication and Report Writing for ICMAP Stage 1
  15. Information Technology and Management Information Systems for ICAP, ICMAP, IBP, ICSP, and PIPFA
  16. Business Communication and Behavioral Studies for ICAP, ICMAP, IBP, ICSP, and PIPFA
  17. Business Communication for University Exams
  18. Management and Organizational Behavior for University Exams
  19. MS Office 2007 and MS Project Manual (Compilation)
  20. MCQs book on Information Technology for ICAP and ICMAP
  21. Information Technology 2 for ICAP Module D and PIPFA
  22. Information Technology 1 for ICAP Module B
  23. Information Technology for ICAP FE II
  24. Information Management and Audit ICMAP Professional IV
  25. Management Information Systems for ICMAP Final Group B
  26. Management Information Systems-II for ICMAP Foundation-II
  27. Computer and EDP for ICMAP Foundation-I
  28. MS Office Student Manual for ICMAP and TTC Practical Exams
  29. WordPerfect Manual for Executive Training
  30. FoxPro Manual for ICMAP Practical Exams
  31. DB IV Manual for ICMAP Practical Exams
  32. Lotus 123 Manual for ICMAP Practical Exams
  33. WordStar Manual for ICMAP Practical Exams